Casting production

Piece and small-lot manual production of castings in grey and ductile iron.

We focus on castings with complicated shapes and high demands on internal quality.

Pattern production

Production of wooden, aluminum, and plastic pattern equipment for foundry.

Flexible modifications and repairs of pattern equipment according to the needs and requirements froms the customes.

Carpentery and package production

Production of special wooden packaging, pallets, transport frames and boxes.

Production of cabinetry products to order.

3D measurement

Touch measurement and scanning with 7-axis NIKON MCAx.

Testing of castings

Spectrometric, metallographic, dimensional, destructive, and non-destructive testing of castings.

Sales of engineering products

Supplies of components for industrial industry.

Sales of paints

Supplies of special paints.

Related services

Complex processing of castings, annealing, shot blasting, grinding, surface finishing.

Warehause and transport services.

Our technology

Our technology

The company is focused on the production of grey and ductile iron castings for use in various industries.
  • Medium-frequency melting units with a capacity of 2 x 4 tons
  • Furan pressing technology
  • Semi-automatic carousel line Omega
  • Cold core production method
  • Simulation of the cooling process using Mecast software
  • Modification of ductile iron by core wire injection equipment
  • Blasting, mechanical and manual grinding of castings
  • Robotic grinding
  • Casting simulation

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